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2000, Strasbourg, Consiliul Europei.

Caravana Culturii Pacii, proiect al Renatei Verejanu

voluntari mai vechi, mai noi

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Juniorii: Verejanu şi Botnaru la recepţia oferită de Dan Verejanu cu ocazia lansării proiectului « Copiii Talentaţi spun NU! corupţiei ».

septembrie 2008, Biblioteca Onisifor Ghibu, mun.Chişinău, Moldova

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Happy New Year, Europe

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emblemes21.gif Happy New Year Council of Europe Clubs

World Movement for a durable Culture of Peace and Non-Violence

Although through his activity the World Organization of Talented Children and the Moldavian Federation of UNESCO Clubs have promoted all the time the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence, in the 2000 year officially entered in the World Movement of the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence, realising the original project « Le Petit Tour de l « Europe » (a first stage of the program « Great Tour of Peace ») in the Decade of the Culture of Peace International Year for the Culture of Peace (2000) and is now developing in the framework of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010). Its purpose is to create a « grand alliance » of existing movements that unites all those already working for a culture of peace. A great importance is the implementing this movement here, in
Moldova, where anytime are ready to start new conflicts.

PR CEClubs

Council of Europe Clubs blog

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The one who created this site it’s me, Daniel. Thanks to the people who host our site. We would make a more professional site, but the CE Clubs are youth creativity NGO-s and don’t dispose of funds. We gift our work for free, but we don’t have sources to pay the hosting of a site of our activities level. But we hope that through these few pages t be seen our beautiful activity, our grand programs, original and important events.

Sincerely,  yours Daniel Verejanu.

Hello, Europa

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The Council of Europe Clubs are WOTC projects launched on 27 August 2001, a long-term basis program that will expand through all the
Europe. The authors of the projects are Daniel and Renata Verejanu. The First Council of Europe Club was founded in
Moldova, Chisinau. The President of the First Council of Europe Club has been chosen Daniel Verejanu, the young man who met in person the last three General Secretaries of the Council of Europe: at just 10 years old – he met Mrs. Catherine Laliumiere, at 12 years met Mr.Daniel Tarschys, at 17 years old he meets Mr.Walter Schwimmer. This student received in 2000 the passport of Ambasador of the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence, the student who shake hands with General Secretary of United Nations, Mr.Kofi Annan.

A Strasbourg

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Strasbourg, 22.10.2000

Bonjour tout le monde !

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Bienvenue sur Ceci est notre premier bonjour.


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