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Talking to a honorable person

poetess Renata Verejanu, president of the European Academy of Civil Society, one of the women leader from national renaissance movement, the one who in 1988 has created „Grai Matern” literary circle which promoted democracy, and in March 1991 organized an exceptional cultural event in National Assembly Great Plaza, where was danced for the first time the Romanian round dance of Union… One of the thousands of participants from that event asks for an opinion.

Cor. Good afternoon, Mrs. Renata Verejanu. Today you have received a wonderful state distinction – you have become „Honorable Person of Republic of Moldova”. Which are the emotions of this moment?
R.V. Some healthy, positive and relaxed emotions… it’s like I have received this award a hundred years ago…

Cor. From the moment that the presidential decree and untill now, when you have received the medal that confirms this title, what were the reactions of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances?
R.V. Very different. A niece of mine who attended the concert from National Palace, where is was announced the presidential decree (at that time I have found out for the first time about it), she spoked later by phone with my older sister from countryside… and they have cryied for a half of night. I think that night all Moldova, from Chişinău to Verejeni, Ocniţa, has cryied of happiness. All greetings that came from my relatives, friends… they were accompanied by sentences like: „for such a sacrifice, for such hard work – at last, a small gesture of appreciation…”

Cor. …and the colleagues?
R.V. My colleagues and the people who entered the literature area or media for betraying each other and who obtained long time ago all possible and impossible distinctions – they pretended that they didn’t hear at all about this. Or, the lists that are still kept in „important” drawers from the time of Brezhnev don’t contain my name. I wasn’t proposed for this distinction neither by the Writers Union, nor by some Ministry. It was solely the decision of the Presidential Administration, especially when they found out that important persons from the UNESCO movement came all the way from Paris, or from Ekaterinbourg to congratulate me for my fruitful activity of over two decades in civil society and in UNESCO movement. I didn’t know about this distinction until the moment when presidential advisor has annoucned on the stage of National Palace about awarding me this high honor. It is very important the moment that this announcement was made – at the Awarding Ceremony of the 17th edition of International Festival-Contest of the World Talents „Micul Prinţ”, a very original dialogue between cultures and people that I am achieving only on volunteer work. In the National Palace Hall it was people from all over the planet, from Los-Angeles to Ulan-Udă… Only later I have found out that there were some persons who were especially sent from Romania, to destroy the cultural-educational event that gathered so many people. But…

Cor. …there is a God…
R.V. Some of your colleagues, writers, artists, journalists, have congratulated me, whispering: „well, what does this title gives you? A supplement of 20 lei to your pension?” „How would you know?”- I asked one, the other… Their reply amused me. How can you not laugh when each of them gave the same answer: „I have received long time ago many distinctions and medals… I have Honorable Person, Eminescu Medal, Work Glory, also…” … And Renata Verejanu didn’t hesitated to ask them straight: „for what merits? You have so many medals, that you’re not even happy about them…” But it were also totally unknown persons which stopped me on the street, congratulated me, adding: ”May be something will change, truly, and great personalities will be really appreciated.”

Cor. When you received the distinction at the State Residence, you had a speech…
R.V. Yes, of all speakers, my speech was the shortest. Something like: „Dear friends, I have two great reasons to be happy. First reason is that I am one of the fewest writers which fought on the frontline of national renaissance. The second reason – my first distinction it was offered to me by a true man of nation, a democratic president”…

Cor. It’s amazing how short was your speech, now when everybody is speaking so much…
R.V. It’s possible that I am among the few persons that speak without reading from paper, short but clearly and captious…

Cor. Being a member of the Censors Commission at Writers Union, you have participated directly recently at the procedure of receiving new members in Writers Union. Do you think that all 30 new members deserve…
R.V….deserve to be writers?

R.V. Any person with a talent, or destiny, may become a writer, no matter if he or she is or isn’t member of a writers association. The work makes the personality, and not the relations… Here, in our country, when personal relations count most of all… Nothing changes, unfortunately… Me, not being registered on time, in the ’70, at a moment I didn’t even wanted to become member of Writers Union. Great personalities, like Lidia Istrati and Gheorghe Malarciuc have insisted to me to prepare the necessary documentation… But that was long time ago… I remember that I wasn’t neither happy, nor said, when it finally happened… I had already special editions, like the volume „Offering to Humanity”, published by Ion Ciocanu, from 5 books delayed for decades, poems that passed through time and brought the proof of a very serious poet, with deep metaphora, like Anatol Codru said. Now, when anyone can find a sponsor and publish each day a new book, one that can flatter a member of the Executive Board of the Writers Union, doesn’t have problems to become a member.

Cor. What does the position of member of Writers Union offer to somebody?
R:V. To me, the Writers Union didn’t offered anything. I offered everything to me through hard work: deep poetry, trips to Council of Europe and UNESCO, and meetings with important European personalities, friends, a house etc…

Cor. …and enemies?
R.V. ..yes, first of all! A beneficiary didn’t even manage to have a joy, that an enemy showed up and stole my project or making difficult for me to achieve. Each project of mine – that it was the literary circle „Grai Matern”, or a NGO newly created, or a written book, a published magazine or newspaper… I have achieved everything through very hard work…

Cor. Because you are doing so many, so new, and everything of great quality… What about Writers Union?
R.V. In Moldova, now, after obtaining independence, the membership of Writers Union offers only prestige and honor, from readers…

Cor. Now, when nobody reads, when all fight for power, do have the writers some kind of prestige?…
R.V. Whether some recognize or not, but the writers were the ones that started the process of democratization and took it until obtaining independence of Moldova. And today the Writers Union remains an institution where politicians come to test their activity. Nevertheless, in our country, the writer that doesn’t have a second job – janitor, traitor, or at least if he isn’t a political party member – dies of starvation.
In other countries, where the leadership of the country has a respectuous attitude towards culture, – the writers have different privileges. In Moldova, right in first years after obtaining independence, 1991-1992, there were cancelled several laws that allowed the time that a writer composed its work to be considered as work experience. By this it was followed humiliation and destroying the writers’courage. Each new Parliament cared only to create laws for themselves so they can have huge salaries and pensions, fabulous bonuses etc… The writers and culture people have been forgotten. Some of „smart” guys have even created alternative unions… But the true writers didn’t hurry to join that unions… That is a proof that the Writers Union from Moldova remains a spiritual castle of our nation… The writers… each with his destiny….

Cor. Before elections the political parties remember some of you…
R.V. Just look how this attitude of the government influences things… Every week a person of culture dies… The creation man’s sensitive soul doesn’t resists… How much can someone endure the genocide created by the government, started in 1994 and that became stronger since 2001?… how many years can somebody live with a pension of 20 euro?… watching the high level of corruption, flattering, the lie, the stealing… a disaster that the writers had endured for over 2 decades in the name of democracy… It’s just for some people, democracy means to install their clan to power… to get rich over night on the expense of simple people… I just wanted to see a political party that doesn’t get richer after its first mandate. And we see what? One works for only 2 days at a ministry or embassy and the next day they are trafficking millions… Who is oversighting over prostitution, bars, clubs, human trafficking, or uranium contraband!… How much time we will have at power such people?

Cor. I have supervised the appearance, in 2010, of some writers and other cultural personalities in the media with most influence… I have discovered a very strange thing: the same persons who occupied the flat screen in the totalitarian regime, same persons we see now… and more than that, you see them all the time speaking non sense in the house of people via new television stations…
R.V. The same persons who have „worked” for totalitarian regime, now they are the great journalists from the new tv stations. They don’t recognize any other personalities than the ones who were good feed in the last decade… And poor, young „journalists” are like the young lady that asked me, at the soiree organized by Constantin Tanase: „which of that men is Ion Hadârcă and which is Mihai Cimpoi”? And who is the person sitting at the other table? It’s the person whos birthday is today, young lady, I said to her, very sad. The only television that has to reborn and to be everybody’s television – is the public television. Because the viewer has made his opinion about the other tv stations.

Cor. This fight between media trusts, for advertising income, how long it will last?
R.V. Until all trusts will get richer, or one of them will win.

Cor. Which one?
R.V. The one that will be closest to governing power or that has an efficient management and professional journalists.

Cor. When will the viewers be able to watch the poetess Renata Verejanu with a recital of her new poems, from most recent book?
R.V. Only when we will have in our country a true democracy, not a simulated one.

Cor. Congratulations on receiving honorable title „Merited Person of Republic of Moldova”, and I wish you a lot of health and new appreciations.
R.V. Thank you.

Free…..and independent microphone,
1 August 2010

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