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Dan Verejanu - volunteer model dans Council of Europe 

This young man, Dan Verejanu is a volunteer model of the civil society, as we think, not only for Republic of Moldova but also for Europe . He grow up at the same time with the NGO-s from Moldova founded by him and where he works since almost a decade. Since we know him, he always worked with children, teenagers and youth.  

At just 9 years old, in 1992, he comes with the idea of founding the first free and independent magazine from the former Soviet Union – „Little Prince” Magazine, a model for the media for children and youth, a truly journalistic school for children and students, where he is chief editor since 1995.  Between 1993-2002 he was permanently member of children jury at the International Festival-Contest Little Prince”. He is participating  active also as organizer, and as delegate at all the editions, from 1995 to 2001 at European Conference of the Young Journalists. He is one of the founders of the newspaper „Children of Europe” published since 1997 by the students from Moldova , Romania and Ukraine . At 14 years old publishes his first novel, „The Sign of the Christ”.

His first foreing trip is when he was 10, a trip to  Istanbul – as a reward for his volunteer activity at the „Little Prince” Magazine. His next trip – at 12 years old, is at Bucharest, where he is for studying at the highschool, for the reason that in Chişinău was murdered his father. In 2000 participates at the Children World Festival from France, Germany and Switzerland, where he receives a passport of „Ambassador of the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence” and has the honor of shaking hands with Kofi Annan, General Secretary of United Nations. Also in 2000 is one of the most active organizers and members of the First Caravan of the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence, developed through the project „Le Petit Tour de l”Europe” Manifest UNESCO 2000, caravan started from the Eastern Europe and which reached Council of Europe (Strasbourg) and UNESCO (Paris).

Since 2001 is one of the authors of the project „Council of Europe Club”,  founder and President of the ”First Council of Europe Club”.

Since 2002 is the chief editor of the Young Journalists Agency „AMP-Internaţional”.

He is simple and modest. He speaks fluent English, Russian, Romanian.

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