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ROMANIA is enjoying the new WOTC project
The Romanians branches, specially the Bacau branch rulled by Mr.Dumitru Ficutza,  the Mayor of Bacau were very glad with the occasion of launching the new WOTC grand program. The initiative groups will work a lot this summer because we intend to open in autumn the first CE Clubs from the biggest Romanian cities.
In discussion with the officials from Education and Research Ministry, they seemed to be interested in launching the project in
Romania. We hope that youth will find all the support in their activity in the Clubs.
In the picture above – the members of the Council of Europe Clubs, UNESCO and United Nation Clubs are participating at the Awarding Ceremony of the International Festival-Contest of Talented Children Little Prince in the framework of Talented Children World Foum. 

Russia- at 2 steps from KREMLIN
In the last week of March, the WOTC President Mrs. Renata Verejanu, being invited as member of the Jury at International Animation Films from Moscow didn’t forget of our brand new program – Council of Europe Clubs.
At few steps from Kremlin, across the Russian Duma in the wonderful school lead by Mrs.Valentina Nikitina, was officially opened the first Council of Europe Club.President at this Club was chosen the student Alexandra Lukina, a animation film scripts young writer. Who knows, may be seeing this beautiful collaboration between the youth from different countries the Russian Duma has ratified in a few days the Moldavian-Russian pact.

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