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Dan Verejanu project

The Best Festival LITTLE PRINCE, Chisinau, Moldova

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Renata Verejanu

Renata Verejanu

Renata Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi

Palatul Naţional, Lecţia Deschisă

palatul national, Renata Verejanu, Eugen Doga

Renata Verejanu, Cernauti, Eugen Doga

The Best Festival LITTLE PRINCE,
Chişinău, Moldova
26-29 mai 2017
proiectul OMCT/WOTC
producer: Renata Verejanu & Daniel Verejanu

Evenimente lunare împreună cu Cenaclul Grai Matern

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Cenaclul Grai Matern

Cenaclul Grai Matern
17821565_1305492472871518_2086470234_n - Copy

Cenaclul Grai Matern

Evenimente lunare, săptămânale
împreună cu Cenaclul « Grai Matern »…
Biblioteca « Transilvania », Biblioteca « Hristo Botev »

Evenimente la Bucureşti şi Sebeş

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Renata Verejanu

Hărăbor, Renata Verejanu

Daniel Verejanu



Proiectele Clubului Consiliului Europei

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Daniel Verejanu

Daniel Verejanu

Renata Verejanu

Proiectul « Alternativa Societăţii »,
21 decembrie 2016,
Biblioteca « Transilvania »

”Renata Verejanu – Poet between the Millennia”

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Renata Verejanu

The attitude of the totalitarian regime and sycophants was awful towards Poetess Renata Verejanu; but on the other side, God supported her so beautiful, offering the nicest events, placing her first of all: from”Grai Matern” literary circle, to International Poetry Festival – Renata Verejanu.

After 17 years of intimidation, period when she didn’t publish any books, poetess Renata Verejanu comes with a ”book rain” (M.Cimpoi) of over 50 titles of books with poems, prose, opinions, portraits, advocacies, proverbs and sayings, interviews… in Romanian, Russian and English, occupying so natural a place in literary hierarchy, a place that she deserved not since 2009, but since early 1980, when she brought to the publishing house (the only, that belonged to the state) 5 manuscripts of poems and     5 of prose, the poetry ones being published only in 1989 in the author anthology Offering to humanity, with Cyrillic characters.

The scientific conference ”Poetess Renata Verejanu promoter of national values in the culture and educational process of the young generation”, which took place at Philology Institute of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, a very succesful event. The conference materials served as source for publishing the volume ”The invisible genius of poetry from Basarabia” (204 pages). A true surprise is the most original bio bibliography ”The poet of flaming metaphor – Renata Verejanu” published by Metropolitan Bibliotheque B.P.Hașdeu,  –  events which conclude a tragic and yet beautiful phase of poetess’ literary career. In the same time the anthology Offering to humanity passes with dignity the border of Republic of Moldova and is published in its natural form at Tipo Moldova Publishing House, from Iași, in the prestigious collection Opera Omnia.

The second phase of the poetess’ literary career begins with launch by European Academy of Civil Society, in collaboration with Philology Institute of Academy of Sciences of Moldova and National Association of Creation People of Moldova, the International Poetry Festival – Renata Verejanu, which takes place every year since 2014, between  1 March and 1 September. The awarding ceremony from September 1st it’s a beautiful continuity of the holiday ”Our Romanian Language”, in which the poetess was in the initiative team during obtaining national independence, on the frontline with Grai Matern literary circle. It is interesting that the range of events is concluded with World Congress of people studying Eminescu, a project that belongs to academician Mihai Cimpoi.

In 2nd day of the International Poetry Festival, each year is developed a symposium dedicated to the creation of poetess Renata Verejanu:

2014 Symposium ”Renata Verejanu – poetess of European importance”,

2915Symposium ”Poet of the flaming metaphor – Renata Verejanu”,

2016 Symposium ”Renata Verejanu – Poet between the Millennia”

Promotion of personalities of Chisinau, meeting with full halls in high schools, universities, public libraries, or the local, regional, municipal phases where the protagonist of this unique in Romanian space festival is invited – all of this are true celebrations of Poetry and Romanian Language.

The first author which can be proud because of 3 superb anthologies: Offering to humanity, I knew how to make a holiday out of my life, Poet between the Millennia (600 pages in A4 format), with an international poetry festival which carries her name, unique in all Romanian area by its local and municipal phases etc., with scientific conferences and symposiums where the poetess works are discusses and finally, with first 6 volumes of SELECTED WORKS.

Maria Tonu (Canada), Relief stellar.

Maria Tonu, Renata Verejanu

Opere alese, Renata Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi

Renata Verejanu, UNESCO, Mihai Cimpoi


Festival Internaţional de Poezie – Renata Verejanu

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Renata Verejanu

Renata Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi


Renata Verejanu

Aniversare, tineri cercetători

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Daniel Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi


AŞM, Mihai Cimpoi

Clubul Consiliului Europei & Daniel Verejanu

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Clubul Consiliului Europei & Daniel Verejanu dans Ziua Independentei 100_8378-300x207


Daniel Verejanu, Mihai Cimpoi

Tineri cercetători, lideri de ONG-uri…

Cluburile Consiliului Europei – 15 ani…

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Cluburile Consiliului Europei - 15 ani... dans Council of Europe ingo-logo


SWScan00035 Daniel Verejanu dans Renata Verejanu



După grandiosul proiect al poetei Renata Verejanu: 

Prima Caravană a Culturii Păcii din Est spre Vest,
care a pornit de la Chişinău (octombrie-noiembrie 2000) 
şi a trecut din ţară în ţară, din capitală în capitală, 
până la Consiliul Europei (Strasbourg)
şi UNESCO (Paris), 

unde membrii Caravanei au fost primiţi de
înalte oficialităţi - 

liderii OMCT au lansat noi proiecte
de durată, multidimensionale, 

doar pe muncă de voluntariat: 

Renata Verejanu a creat Cluburile UNESCO, 
apoi Federaţia din Moldova a Asociaţiilor, 
Centrelor şi Cluburilor UNESCO (FMACCU) 
şi Daniel Verejanu a lansat proiectul
« Cluburile Consiliului Europei »
şi a început a crea 

noi structuri pentru tineret în toată Europa… 

Apoi FMACCU a devenit membru activ al 
Federaţiei Mondiale
şi membru-fondator al Federaţiei Europene, 

iar OMCT a primit statut participativ la Consiliul Europei. 

În acest am voluntarii din Reţeaua OMCT

prin muncă asiduă (neremunerată) 
Aniversarea a XV de la obţinerea Statutului Participativ 
şi de la crearea primului Club al Consiliului Europei. 

 Reporter AMP-International

CECLUBS and The Best Festival LITTLE PRINCE, Chișinău, Moldova

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Renata Verejanu, proiecte


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